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I had Terry’s Terrain do some clean up and transplanting for me in the fall. Terry is incredibly knowledgeable and the service was professional but also friendly and efficient.

I will definitely have Terry return in the spring to manage and enhance the rest of the gardens!



Terry was friendly, punctual and did a great job of tidying the large garden, which I find hard to manage sometimes. I will definitely be relying on their expertise as spring approaches and there’s more work to be done!


What a pleasure! I asked Terry for garden ideas to border the backyard. I was especially concerned about filling in an empty corner, previously occupied by a very large tree stump. In an attempt to fill this space, I planted some random plants including perennials and shrubs. Terry was encouraged to move or remove existing plants and shrubs if it fit his plan.  When Terry came to assess the yard, rather than criticize, he complimented the work that I had done myself.

Although I had a mental budget, I did suggest that I would consider doing the work in sections making it more affordable.  I gave Terry no restrictions nor direction. I expected an outrageous and expensive plan!  However, I was pleasantly impressed by his ability to work with the existing plants and adding plants that would fill in spaces, as well as stand-alone flowering shrubs that attract butterflies and bees.  Terry suggested a variety of flowering plants which aren’t typically available in local home stores but were easily found at local nurseries.


Terry did exactly what I wanted!  Furthermore, he worked diligently until the job was complete.  I look forward to a beautiful flowering garden this summer



I had Terry come revamp my front yard this summer. He was extremely easy to deal with and provided me with lots of great ideas and design possibilities to transform my yard into what I always envisioned it could be.  The final product looks outstanding and I get neighbours coming up to me frequently and complementing on what a difference it made. I would defiantly recommend Terry’s Terrain for all their landscape requirements

Customer happiness is the greatest reward

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